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Online Training and Resources

As part of our training program, our carer’s can complete some information and introductory training courses through our carer portal. There are a range of short information video’s and “how to “ videos which show certain procedures and methods of care.


Online Training and Resources Kent Home Care live in Care and Support Solutions


Our carer’s also have the option to complete there knowledge based exams through this system.

Operating a company with a dispersed workforce can be difficult, especially when it comes to providing cost effective training to the carer’s.


Our e-learning induction tool, available through the carer’s portal, allows our carers to learn interactively without having to travel to our offices.

Using this system and delivery method for some of our classroom based training has proved very effective and efficient. Carer’s can also access the training information 24 hours a day and review any areas to refresh their skills and knowledge.


We use both national and local accredited training providers to deliver some of our training courses which lead to formal, nationally recognised qualifications in the care sector.