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Thin On The Top, Heavy On The Floor

Less managers who tend to have an art of seat warming and coffee drinking, and more doers is the motto at Kent Home Care.


As a company, you will find that we operate rather differently to other care providers and agencies. We keep a small, motivated and extremely knowledgeable team at our offices whose sole role is to ensure the highest levels of care and support are offered to our customers and that our team of carers are provided with the training, skills, support, guidance and remuneration that continually ensure them to provide those high standards of care mentioned earlier.


Thin on The Top, Heavy on the Floor Kent Home Care Live in Care

Nearly all the major components of the company are outsourced, which ensures enough time to focus on what’s important – the customers first off and closely followed by the team which provides the services to them.


With fewer mangers and a flatter hierarchical system, should you contact Kent Home Care, more than likely you will speak to one of the directors.

Promoting an open and communicative environment for our team of carer’s has really paid off as they too do not need to complete forms and go through the ranks when problems arise.


Happy, well informed and well benefited carer’s results in a happy customers, which in turn provides our best ambassadors for the company.




Of course every company does experience the odd problem or issue every now and again, but even so, what makes all the difference is the speed at which these can be rectified and resolved with minimum disruption and complaint.


Having this structure in the company means decisions are made faster and results happen quicker.

Here there are no big titles, large desks or corner office suites with coffee facilities and en-suite bathrooms.


Everyone here is part of the team and understands the larger, fuller picture of what a good care provider needs to be.

No one is above anyone else just because of the part they play in the company, everyone is provided with the same respect and loyalty throughout the company, something which as a customer you will notice from day one of your service.