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Recruitment and Selection

Kent Home Care adopt the highest levels of recruitment and selections of our live in carers. Our recruitment procedure involves completion of a detailed application form and an up to date cv which provides a complete history of employment.


All Kent Home Care live in care workers receive a telephone or video conference interview plus a face to face interview by a senior management member at our head office.


References are requested and must be received on their referees company headed paper and then there are further verified to ensure that they are legitimate.


All Kent Home Care live in carers are vetted through enhanced level police disclosures and also against the Independent Safeguarding Authority. Further to that they must provide a minimum of three references, one of which must be their most recent employer. Reference requests are not only sent by post, but are also verified upon receipt to ensure that they are from a legitimate source.


All Kent Home Care live in carers provide us with a five year history of employment and must identify any gaps in their history. Furthermore we also check their identity to ensure that they have the required legal status to work in the United Kingdom.