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Your Care Your Choice

Kent Home Care Live in Care is all about choice and enabling our new and existing customers to have a say in the care and support they may require to assist them living comfortably and safely at home.


It’s your care and it’s your choice.Its Your Care Its Your Choice Kent Home Care Live in Care and Support Solutions


We receive hundreds of phone calls for advice and knowledge about how the care sector functions and are pleased to help those that may need a little direction in where to look for advice and support, should they live outside of our coverage area.


Too often people jump to the conclusion that a residential home is the best place to receive a care service and to live the last days of your life.

Through our customer research, we found that the main reason why this thought comes into the mind immediately is due to the lack of available information to allow people a choice and the ability to make an informed decision about the best care solution for them.



We are strongly campaigning to provide more information and to ensure that it is freely available to all. Visit our new Care Point section here on our website, or just give us a call on 01227 788 700 for some advice or a chat about your options.