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Continuity of Live in Care

A phrase which you may not be familiar with, but one that is very important to us. In order to provide a valuable care and support solution, it is vital that our customers receive their service from the same Kent Home Care Carer’s as possible. To the extent that some of our Live in carer’s only visit one customer throughout the course of their employment.


Constant changes in carer’s restrict a healthy relationship being created, which in turn will always lead to problems with any care and support package.


We understand this fully and listen to our customers by ensuring minimum changes occur to their carer’s.


Kent Home Care often operates their care and support solutions on a rotation rota system. In most cases, each of our customers has a main Kent Home Care carer which completes either 2 or 3 weeks. This is followed by a relief Kent Home Care carer who completes a period of 1 to 2 weeks. Both the Kent Home Care carers however stay the same throughout the service contract. Changes only occur to cover sickness or holidays of the carer’s, or at the request of our customer.


Continuity of care is something which is very important to us and to our customers. It is something that we have been able to achieve as a Care Provider and not an agency.

Offering our Kent Home Care carer’s good working conditions, a permanent job and appropriate pay with benefits has assisted greatly in Kent Home Care being able to achieve a high continuity of care ratio.