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A Care Provider, not an Agency

There are several types of Care services available to those that require an all day and night service.

These do include Live in Care, Residential and Nursing care homes and some sheltered housing or care villages which offer community care services to assist. There are also several types of provision for Live in Care.


A Care Provider Not an Agency Kent Home Care Live in Care in Kent

These are Care Providers (like us), Care agencies and Private Care workers.


The basic difference between a care provider and a care agency is that a care provider organisation employs its care workers directly. Whereas, a care agency may operate on a casual worker agreement. Care agencies do not employ their care workers and therefore do not offer standard benefits which employed care workers receive like holiday pay, free uniform and training etc. This is the main reason why care agency fees are often lower than those of a proper care company, a care provider.


Quite often the Care providers will cost the most for your care as they offer a guarantee and employ all of there own carers ensuring that the correct vetting procedures are carried out , training is provided and up to date and the correct levels of insurance are provided for.


Furthermore they would also have a better continuity of care and would be able to deal with sickness and holiday cover easier. Kent Home Care Live in Care and Support solutions start from £750 per week.


Care agencies do not employ there staff and operate with a list of bank or temporary workers. Quite often the clients will have to pay the carers direct and pay a management charge to the care agency. In a care agency, care workers will be paid on a self employed basis which means that, in most situations, the clients pay the care worker directly and then pay a management charge to the care agency.

The care agency also saves paying any national insurance contributions to the government and leaves it up to the care worker to declare their earnings to the revenue.


Private carers offer the cheapest charges for live in care, however they also come with the most risk.


It would also involve the customer registering as an employer in some cases and having to calculate PAYE and National insurance contributions etc. Should the care worker fall ill or need to leave for an emergency, there is no one to help cover the care provision.

On top of that, finding the right person can be lengthy with interviews and advertising costs.


When choosing a Live in Care service, bear in mind the above points and be sure to check every option available before making a decision. If you would like to ask any questions about your options for a live in care and support service, even if you are out of our area, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.