Ensuring Live in Care meets your needs

Kent Home Care can visit you within days of talking to us about your Live in Care requirements

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Assessment Process

In order to seek the services of Kent Home Care Live in care and support, you can contact us to raise an initial enquiry via our local number 01227 788 700 or by e-mail using our contact us form.

Call Kent Home Care Live in Care Today 01304 240 555

During this initial conversation you will be able to ask questions you have about our services and for advice and assistance on how to choose a service which meets the needs of the person requiring assistance.


After you have had time to digest the information and perhaps contact us again with some questions after speaking to all those involved in the decision, you can arrange for a meeting with one of our care consultants.

At the meeting, which is at no cost to you at all, the care consultant will able to complete an assessment and answer any questions about the specific care service you may be requiring. The assessment which is completed provides us with enough information to be able to produce a care and support plan proposal for you to consider. It will outline the areas of care and support required and will also show the methods of how we plan to achieve them through a Kent Home Care Live in carer. You will also be asked questions during the assessment appointment about the type of Kent Home Care live in carer you would prefer.

This information will be used to ensure we match an appropriate live in care worker to you and get off to a great start from day one.


For example, we were once asked to provide support for an elderly gentleman suffering from Dementia and the family requested a live in carer which spoke French, played the piano and held an interest in politics. This is one of many successful placement and recruitment campaigns which enabled to meet the needs and desires from day one of the live in care and support package.

We will provide you with a copy of your proposed care and support plan and a quote for the live in care and support service.


Emergency Live in Care Kent Home CareAt this point you will now have received a lot of information and will be able to make an informed decision about the care and support solution best suited for the receiver of the care service.

Live in Care and support solutions can be put into place within 7 – 10 days usually. For emergency and crises live in care and support you should visit our emergency care section.



We may be able to help in such emergencies and crisis’s to provide cover and support for Live in Care. This can be arranged at short notice and put in place within 72 hours.