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Common Questions & Answers about Kent Home Care Live in Care

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What is Live in Care?

Live in Care provides personal and tailor made care, support and companionship, all of which are provided in the comfort of your own home. In order to remain independent and in control, having a live in carer from kenthomecare, provides the reassurance that someone is always there to assist with personal care, house keeping and to provide much needed companionship. The live in carer would reside with you, in your home and follow a tailor made, person centred care & support plan which will have been made specific to you.


Choose what you, when you want it.


Live in Care promotes independence and you remain in control of the care and support your receiving. No fixed times to wake up and go to bed, no more of the same weekly menu and no visiting times – all which is what you would experience in a residential group care setting.


How long does it take to start a Kent Home Care Live in Care solution?

An emergency Live in Care package could be set up within 24 hours of your request. However, the majority of our Live in Care solutions are established in around 7 days. We can come an meet you with a few days notice and then, once you have decided for Kent Home Care to provide your services, depending on your specific requirements , Live in Care can be put in place in several days after the initial meeting.


Will I have the same Kent Home Care Live in Carer?

Yes, you will receive the same Kent Home Care Live in Carer for your service. Live in Care by Kent Home Care is usually set up on a cycle for a number of weeks. The majority of our customers opt for having a main live in carer for a three week period and then a cover live in carer for one week. The two live in carers will remain the same.


What if I have specific requirements for my Live in Carer, for example that they speak a certain language?

During your initial conversation us Kent Home Care, we will take some details of your specific requests and check through our current available live in carers. Even if we do not have anyone that perfectly meets your specifications and requests, we will recruit specifically for you.


What will my Kent Home Care Live in Carer do?

Your Kent Home Care Live in Carer will provide assistance with your personal care needs, meal preparation, general cleaning and companionship. Kent Home Care Live in carers provide social engagement throughout the day. To find the complete list of what your Kent Home Care Live in Carer can provide visit our What Live in care provides page.


Do you accept referrals from health care professionals?

Yes, we accept referrals from Social Services, GP’s and other third party health advisors.


What is the process to organise Live in Care from Kent Home Care?

Firstly, get in touch with us on 01227 788 700 or via our contact form if outside of our office hours. We will be able to answer any of your questions and then arranged a mutually convenient time to meet with you to discuss your requirements. You should note that we never pressurise any prospective customer to sign a contract or commit to our services during this meeting. There is no obligation to take our services up after it as well. Following your assessment meeting we will produce a Kent Home Care support plan and a firm quote for your tailored service.


Does Kent Home Care accept direct payments?

Yes, we are able to accept to direct payments and can accept the Kent Card.


Can I book short term Live in Care for respite or holiday?

Short term, emergency cover and holiday cover can all be booked for short periods from 1 week.


Can my Kent Home Care Live in Carer accompany us on holiday?

Yes, your Kent Home Care Live in Carer will be able to accompany you and your family on holiday.


Which area’s does Kent Home Care cover?

We provide Live in Care and Support Solutions throughout Kent and more recently in parts of London. Visit our coverage map to see if you are in an area which we cover. We are also able to provide our Live in Care and support packages in Southern Ireland through our sister care provider company, Kerry Home Care.


What if I have a hoist? Does that mean I need two live in carers?

When hoists and some other equipment may be used to aid moving and handling in your home, best practice is to always have two qualified and experienced carer’s present. However, this does not mean you require two Kent Home Care Live in Carers. As we also provide a community care service in East Kent, we will be able to provide shorter, community care visits at the specific times where additional assistance will be required. Even if you live outside our community care area, we will be able to recruit a suitable community carer more local to you to assist.


What will I need to provide for my Kent Home Care Live in Carer?

Your Kent Home Care Live in Carer will require a room of their own with a bed and a place to put their belongings. If you prefer your live in carer to bring their own bed linen, that is fine. Arrangements for your live in carer’s meals will be agreed upon before your Kent Home Care solution begins. Some of our customers prefer to dine with their Kent Home Care live in carer, others do not. Its completely up to you, however an allowance is usually put aside to provide your live in carer with a food and drink budget.


What happens if my needs become greater?

Your Kent Home Care Live in Care manager will stay in contact with you and your needs will be continually assessed by your carer. Should your needs change we will come up with a new solution to enable you to remain at home. That’s what we are experts in; Providing a realistic, safe and suitable solutions to enable you to live comfortably in your own home.


Do you provide Live in Care for younger persons?

Yes, Kent Home Care Live in Care and Support solutions are available for everyone aged from 18 to 100+. We provide assistance and solutions to a range of conditions and can always provide additional, specialist training got our team of live in carers should you have a specific requirement for your Kent Home Care live in care and support solution.


How much will the care cost?

Kent Home Care live in care and support solutions begin from £900 per week. Additional changes are applied for bank holidays and over the Christmas period when our carers are paid at a higher rate.


What checks are completed for Kent Home Care Live in Carers?

Our Kent Home Care Live in carers are vetted through the Criminal Records Bureau and the Independent Safeguarding Authority. We also seek a minimum of three references, two of which are work related and these are also verified. We confirm all applicants’ identity and status to work in the UK during our recruitment process.


Can my pets stay with me at home when receiving Kent Home Care & Support?

Yes, you can keep all of your pets with Kent Home Care live in care and support.


Can I choose what to eat and when?

Yes, your Kent Home Care live in carer will assist you in planning out a menu to your taste and will prepare your meals for you. you can choose what to eat and when to eat. Furthermore, our Kent Home Care live in carers receive training in food nutrition and will be able to advise and develop meals which are both tasty and nutritious.


Will my Kent Home Care Live in Carer assist with my medication?

Yes, Kent Home Care live in carers will provide assistance with your medications daily. all Kent Home Care live in carers receive medication training.


Have another question?

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